Hi, we're grüpacity.

We create tools for the next generation of freelancers.

Our goal:

We aren't your typical company. Our goal is to produce tools, services, and other products that make it possible to have an independent career.

Our projects:

Creative Labs

June 2018.

Student Toolkit

July 2018.

Open Scheduler

August 2018.

Coffee && Power

December 2018.

Inbox Zero

March 2019.

Who we are:

  • Al Madireddy
  • Cady Serna
  • Carter Balogh
  • Chris Nunes
  • Christine Huynh
  • Ganesh Thyagarajan
  • Grace Swierenga
  • Lindsay Browne
  • Michael D'Annunzio
  • Saketh Nallaparaju
  • Saran Sundararajan
  • Tanner Fowler